Season Ticket 2017/18

Dear ‘Well fans,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your unwavering support in recent years. It has been a period of transition for the football club and this summer is historic in that it’ll be the first we launch Season Tickets as a club owned by us, the supporters.
The theme of our campaign this year is ‘Made in Motherwell’. For me personally, that brings back memories of going to Fir Park with my father.
We have a long, proud tradition at the club of developing younger players and forging a team that we can not only support, but also relate to; something that transcends winning and losing, a life-time addiction!
Being a Season Ticket holder is about value and what we can offer, but it’s also a commitment to your club. It’s about meeting your friends and going to the game. It’s about representing this area and the grit, resilience and determination that is synonymous with it. It’s about family and memories of people here now and those who are much missed.
It’s a lifelong identity and a sense of belonging that only comes with belonging to something. That something is our club.
Let’s work together.
Jim McMahon
Motherwell FC
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